CSTR Aug 2010


Education Assistance

Education Assistance is available to CSTR members.  The assistance program is funded with proceeds from our open pleasure ride held in June each year.  We are now offering education assistance to all junior family members, whether or not they have participated in a CSTR ride, as long as they carry a full course load.  Assistance will also be offered to adult CSTR members who are furthering their education and following an accredited course.

Inquiries and applications should be directed to

Application Rules

  • Recipient must be a current member of CSTR.
  • Recipient shall receive $300.00 to $500.00 per year for college or other further education beyond high school.
  • Recipient shall be required to complete an educational assistance application each year to receive any additional assistance awards.
  • Additional assistance awards beyond the first year shall depend upon recipient maintaining passing grades.
  • All assistance awards shall depend upon funds available.
  • Junior CSTR family members may apply whether or not they have participated in a CSTR ride
  • Adult CSTR members may apply as long as they are participating in an accredited course of study.  This is intended for CSTR members who are pursuing a serious educational opportunity.

    Completed applications must be mailed by September 1 through September 30