CSTR Aug 2010


Helping the sun shine on our members

If you have any news about members, please let us know.  This page is dedicated to keeping tabs on our membership and what is happening in their lives.  We will list happy events as well as sad events, illness, accidents and successes.

Lori Nero has signed on as the new contact for the Sunshine Committee.  If you have some news to share with CSTR members, please contact us at crossstatetrailriders@gmail.com


Cross State Family:

    I have recently been informed of a tragic loss of life within the Varney family.  Please read the excerpt below from a family friend of the Varneys.  This unfortunate news was quickly passed to our CSTR Board and the members agreed to donate $100.00 to the Go Fund Me account for the girls.  Audrey and Shelby are Bills granddaughters.  Additionally, we have provided information on the donation site below so that members who wish may donate individually to the cause.  If you are able, please join Edee and I in donating to this worthy cause.

    On behalf of the Cross State Board and Membership we offer our deepest condolences to Bill, Vicki, Sarah, Rebecca, and Caleb Varney on the loss of Troy and Dulsie Varney. 

Cross State Trail Ride
Board of Directors
Ed McNamara
President, CSTR


Bill Varney's Family

Troy and Dulsie Varney

On Feb 12th, Bill Varney's son Troy (from a previous marriage) and Troy's wife Dulsie Varney were attacked in a home invasion at their home in Turner, Maine. They died from injuries sustained in this attack leaving behind their 2 daughters, Audrey and Shelby Varney with the loss of their parents and the loss of feeling safe in their home.

Troy and Dulsie's lives were their children.  They were very proud parents who loved their daughters and family very much. They would do anything to help others in need. 

So many people have reached out to the family to help. So, they decided to start a fund for them.
They would like to start with putting a security system in their homes. So perhaps, they may return back home to the legacy of living on the farm that their parents left for them. The Shermirley Farm on Knight Farm Road. A place that should be their safe haven. Their father's dream is having his girls take over the farm which has been a home where four generations of Varneys have lived. Troy and Dulsie leave such a void in so many lives and in so many ways. Let's pull together and help these girls pick up their shattered lives and help with their future.”
Go fund me page for Audrey and Shelby Varney, copy and past in your browser.