CSTR Aug 2010

Lunch Stop
Yarrow Hill, Brookfield NY

Our 55th Annual Ride is scheduled August 3 to 11, 2024.

Permits have been secured for LeGrand Reynolds Horsemen's Area, Escoheag, RI
CSTR News and August Ride Info


Entry forms  for August may be sent directly to Loretta Vincz
Loretta Vincz,  CSTR Entries, 12982 Thurmond Way, Carmel, IN 46074. If paying by check, send to Loretta also or you may use the PayPal option below.

If you already sent vaccine and Coggins certificates for your horse when you entered the June ride, you do not have to duplicate them.  Please follow your own vet's instructions with regard to the federal health certificates which are time sensitive.

Entries and full payment and paperwork must be received 15 days before ride start date. 
Cancellations received before the 15 days entry date will be refunded less a $50 cancellation fee. Cancellation reasons include illness or injury of horse or rider, or a death in the family. A doctor and/or vet note is required for illness or injury.
Post entries will be allowed between 15 days and 2 days before the ride date, with a $50 post entry fee. All post entry forms, ride fees and post entry fees and other paperwork must be received no later than 2 days before the ride date.

Whole Ride $525.00 Whole Ride $500.00
First Half $280.00 First Half $270.00
Second Half $270.00 Second Ride $260.00
Two Weekends $270.00 Two Weekends $260.00


PAYPAL OPTIONS - Note that we have added PayPal fees to the entry fees.  PayPal will charge us 3.49% plus 49 cents a transaction.  Use the dropdown to select entry fee and also list the name of the entrant.  Remember to send your completed entry form and other paperwork directly to Loretta.

Rider Fees
List name of entrant
Non-Rider Fees
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CSTR Jackets and vests can be ordered anytime at http://1ststringstore.com/cstr

The August Ride is open to members only.