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North Springfield Lake Project
Perkinsville, VT


The CSTR officers and Board of Directors are moving forward with plans for the 2023 rides.  Forms and information are now available with an option to pay via PayPal.  We look forward to a new year with friends, doing what we like ....  riding

The June ride will be held at North Springfield Lake Management Area  We have done several rides at this location. The dates are June 24 & 25, 2023.  Go to the June Ride Page for more information.

The August ride will be held August 5 to 13, 2023 in Savoy MA in the Berkshires.  We will be riding in the Savoy Mountain State Forest.  Check out the August Page for details.

For complete information, download our Spring/Summer Newsletter with info on the June Weekend Ride and the August 9 Day Ride


Our History

Our first ride was held in 1970 under the auspices of the Massachusetts Horsemen’s Council and the then Massachusetts Department of Natural Resources.  In June of 1975, Cross State Trail Ride incorporated as a separate organization.  From 1970 until 1973 we conducted a point to point ride, riding a new trail each day to a new camp.  In 1974 the gas crunch became a factor and  we changed the format to the “base camp” configuration that we now use. 
CSTR has a long history of distinguished operation.  Our policy of being  a “good neighbor”  and being sensitive to our environmental impact on the areas where we ride, has enabled us to maintain a good relationship with landowners, towns, state parks and fairgrounds.  Without the good will and cooperation of these agencies, we would not be able to operate.
This history has stretched to our 54th year.  In that time, we have developed a method of operation that allows us to interface with those around us and with each other.  This network of methods and rules has grown over the years and developed into what we call the Cross State Village, a  social structure that governs us ten days a year.
We have journeyed to all six states in New England and to New York.  We have stayed at campsites especially built for horses and in areas where horses were never allowed to camp before.  Private landowners and fairgrounds have welcomed us back time and again. 

The August Ride is open to members only. 

Each year, CSTR holds a 9 day ride that is a closed, members only ride.  Membership in CSTR must be applied for.  The wait list has been replaced with an application process has been revamped. Interested riders may now apply for membership at any time during the year and the application will be presented to the Board for approval at their next meeting.   Visit our Membership Page for more information - Go here >>>>

CSTR June Open Ride - 2023

Our annual June ride, a two day weekend, is an open ride that is enjoyed by members and friends, old and new.  This ride is also affiliated with New England Horse & Trail.  The ride is usually held the weekend before or after Father’s Day.

For more information on the June Ride and to download the information sheet and entry form and where you can also pay for your entry fee through PayPal Go to the June Ride Page for more information.